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The Directive on energy efficiency of buildings was adopted by European Parliament, on 16th December 2002 and entered into force on 4th January 2003.

There are a few precautions to be implanted in building projects: applied energy instalments, energy distribution, building location, adequate insulation materials. Unfortunately, it is not specified that insulating materials must be built in properly. It is not enough to increase thickness of insulating materials, it is more important to choose appropriate building materials.


Nowadays bearing parts of buildings
are made from hard, but relatively cold
materials such as concrete, burned ceramic,
stone ... Further, applied insulating materials
cannot contemporaneously full field low
temperatures in winter and high temperatures in summer.Insulating materials are not placed properly, so the heat are lost through cold bridges. Proper type and place of insulating materials benefits behaviour of the building during heating and cooling and provides breathing of the walls.

StiroFert offers new building materials, with great insulating characteristics. This materials increase energy efficiency of buildings up to 50%. With our building materials and constructions insulating materials will be placed properly, hidden losses are eliminated.

StiroFert intermediate floor construction has polystyrene on its underside, so insulation is on the ceiling, exactly where it is most needed. In winter, hot air, being lighter, raises up, polystyrene blocks it, so it is spread to walls and heats up the room itself. In the summer, StiroFert intermediate floor construction blocks translation of the hot air from outside to the interior.

Building with StiroFert “eko-keko” blocks has bearing, thermo and noise insulating, breathing and fire-resistant walls. This walls will accumulate hot air and give it back to the room, so hot air cannot be vertically transported to cold spots. This blocks are consisting lime, which is used for disinfection, on one side, and for a kind of natural air-condition. Therefore, lime is hygroscopic material, so it can absorb air humidity, present in summer, which decrease temperature.
Then air conditioners are not needed, and consumption of electricity for cooling rooms are decreased for 100%.

Plus, air conditioners violate natural air structure, so avoiding their implementation will benefits human health, too.

Walls made from StiroFert “eko-keko” blocks are slightly warmed up during the day, but during the night walls are cold down, because there is no mighty insulation on the superficies.

In building build from classic materials warm air is coming in to intermediate floor construction. Further, by conduction warm air is translated to walls and it is lost tro

ugh balconies, pediments and foundations. Massive walls are bearing, but they are not sufficiently accumulative, because they conduct heat to the colder places, which cannot be insulated properly. So, we increase heating, and decrease energy efficiency of buildings.

Glass wool, used for insulation, must stay dry in order to maintain its insulating characteristics. that is why wool is seal with plastic folio. But this folio disables the

breathing of the wall, so your building is almost like a plastic bag. During summer the walls are is warming up all day, so the warm is finally spreading through the walls in interior. Classic insulation materials, put on superficies disabling the cooling over nights, so the walls are even hotter next day. Furthermore, air humidity stays in rooms, too.
There is no other solution to avoid these problems, but to install an air conditioner. But air conditioners increase electricity consumption and they are no friendly for our health, too. 

To conclude, increasing the thickness of insulation on superficies cannot solve the problem, which is strange, but this facts are proved.


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