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  • Nowadays, climate changes, mostly caused by human activities,
    gives us a new conception: too save nature and environment.

    While experts are finding ways to reduce emotion of harmful materials,
    our company, “StiroFert”, are trying to produce building materials, which will
    contribute our aims to preserve our planet..

    Humans are building shelters from cruelties of nature. But, our gold is to built ecologically proved building, which will provide
    us comfort during hot summer, as well as during cold winter.

  • Adequate constructive and
    performance precautions and materials are shown on Comparative review of “StiroFert”
    and classic constructions..

    Building elements are defined with following characteristics:

    • bearing capacity
    • thermo and noise insulation,
    • steam-free (enables breathing),
    • accumulation,
    • fire-resistant,
    • non-hygroscopic,
    • ecologically proved,
    • economically featured
    • fast performance

    In aim to achieved all of this characteristics “StiroFert” works up two groups of products:

    • SF Constructions – elements for intermediate floor and roofing,
    • SF Elements –building blocks and precast beams for doors and windows...

    The construction materials obtained from StiroFert objects A class energy efficiency with minimal power (50-60kWh/m2 per year).
    Objects called. "passive houses" whose consumption is below 15kWh/m2 year can be achieved by combining the heat pump ... "

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