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Appliances and advantages of StiroFert intermediate floor and roof constructions are multiple:

  • for intermediate floor constructions (range to 12 meter or even more)
  • for public, industrial and private multi-level buildings and superstructures
  • speeds up production (from 30 to 50 %)
  • prefabricated and semi prefabricated
  • excellent thermo-insulating characteristics (k<0,3 W/m2 oC)
  • high noise insulating characteristics ( no need for floating floors)
  • lightweight (weight more than 30% lower than other floor construction)
  • static systems: beam hole supported at both sides, girder grill with bearing power in both directions, continual girder
  • enables concreting in winter (concrete is built in polystyrene moulds)
  • can be used as rough-hewn timbers for building roofs


StiroFert intermediate floor and roof constructions are made from StiroFert beams. The dimensions of these beams are calculated according to requested length, spam and useful load.


Building a StiroFert intermediate floor or roof constructions is similar and it can be described in several phases:


  • prefabricated StiroFert beams are set to supporters
  • cross reinforcement is built in and lattice over it
  • monolith costing of concrete plate in the channels of the beams and over beams (thickness 4-5 cm) 


These reinforced constructions made as system of ribs are insures tenseness and rigidity, especially for quake forces and other encumbrances. We are quite sure that there is no better solution.


    StiroFert floor construction is a patented and has the following certificates from accredited laboratories:


  • IMS Institute, Belgrade (Serbia) - Test report  bearing capacity.No IKH 989/08
  • Eduardo Torroja Institute of Madrid (Spain) - Test report bearing capacity.No 19,497
  • Institute Afit-Licof Toledo (Spain) - Report on the fire resistance test. No N.1890T09
  • Institute Labein Vitoria (Spain) - Test report soundproofing. No 90.9736.0-IN-CT-09/30
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